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2010. október 9., szombat

Words-Korponai István

Listen to me!if your lip overlooks a proverb
Tells the truth if you have to speak because your word
The continuation of the life,germinal snowdrop in the frost
Let there not be shining gold ,let there be truth and true one
Palpable than the destructive veil of the torment in a brain getting grey
Let the said truth kill a thousand times
than the distressing hangman's hatchet
But foundation certainty the king sceptre a country's apple
The said word let a judge be true with a content and truth
You are the kiss in the pleasure even you are a passing dream in coffee
No shining golden light and no easy than the air.
True one speak!
Let them sow for your word, your faith into a devil's captivity,let your language be plucked
Let a untruthful word not become round your mouth
True one speak this may be a man only the clear true life
his eternal circulation.
Be it created, faithful servant true nobleman
Instead of a dishonest hypocritical untruthful man
Listen to me!you have it lived without a lie.

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