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2010. október 7., csütörtök

Innovating -Korponai István

Please, do visible one, than darkness the light,
That let me be allowed to show my face
The years, what from compulsion lived, soft
In rain taking a bath hold on. Well look who I am!
This tearing my leather off here, likewise, than snake, if moults
See it, a sinew, a muscle flash in a hard-working bundle under it.
Well look! I drained these fibres for you, see
Snow-white bones, than illusion i the fear
His roof. Well look! A god's finger grinds it into dust,
Removes it, we at visible and hard ore more flexible.
You see it under it that one my heart, because of desires, fights,
Because of defeats bloodily, in a drum yet slowly, as I walk,
The tremble of my step sometimes a curse, one the suffering of a life was accomplished.
Well look! Look, be looking for it, we not substance and cannot be seen, my soul.
See, finds enough room in your hand, then scuttles and fences the day in,
Filches warmth in order to defrost it my desire, we froze into a stone.
Well look! My first smile and the joy that I am a man reside in him.
See, that dark whirling soot, that one my grief
But look! That one the light, the vaccination, the faith and the hope.
See well: this here, I am this here, with a naked body, a soul,
With fears, sins, to love, I want to love only.
I unfolded myself, see my virtue, all my mistake. Be,
Who visible one embraces, that let me be allowed to accept myself.
Be the on all of them and be it one, be the first one and
Be the last one, my eye his velvet final kiss tax

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