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2010. október 1., péntek

A strong woman -Korponai István

I was still married, but the second marriage also lived in the dying, perhaps too much alike to why we were not given what they had each other, just a little Love is eternal connection.
Well this time I worked Zugló CIT, here I met a 40-year-old woman huge breasted little chunky. It was not okay to have sex because when I mentioned that we meet after work, not much thought.
Lajos Nagy went to the corner of the Thököly Mecibe and ate something stupid. Elvir was a die-cut blouse, the two huge breasts strained so afraid someone bumping into you in advance tuti.Look on pierce the cleavage and the saliva flowed like tooth aching baby, said her husband separate sleeping rooms for years now, absolutely not deal with it, you want a serious relationship .I also told my nuisance nodded sympathetically, and I have absolutely fantasy between the breasts, I was curious if it is not so pointed; her bra? "I broke the my head how good it would savor of a thoroughly good and I his bud to paw this woman, nor have I left out the idea of a good plug and chest at least I'll feel the warmth of her mouth is.
He was not fat, featureless eyes and hair, this woman had only two breasts of ice cream for me .As I ate said nothing - he did not go into casual relationships, because this or that is not used to foreign cars are not told to sit down, begin to be restless a little bit, but I have seen such magic.Chilled was out there, it was a beautiful coat and did not live far away, as opposed to one 10-storey buildings, started a momentum that I was scared.
Elvira, even if you do not mind talking a little more? "Where?" He asked.
-Here come my car yet I do not want to go home.
"But Stephen did not say a bad boy, not sure, do not count on me," I said.
He sat in the car, we talked of how the lack of a man who is her age court who are independent of pipe or some kind of passion invalid.-yes, I said this is so.
The car was a good warm sweater was just me, I threw my coat back, no-heat? "I asked. But yes, I just have to go tomorrow, very tired-I shall be. Don'tcha just a little bit for a drive without a goal when you talk about? "After all, why not," he said
but then I remove it coat warm, help? reach down got out nicely I put the coat back and started looking for a place .Like that Pascal beach, where there is little in the dark and the car ember.I looked at his forms While it was not outwardly pretty tough but lightweight I saw neat little skirt stockings draw on excitedly showed themselves to her thighs.
I had no luck wherever I went, people were everywhere, lit the lamps .Come to a halt Lumumba street in a parking lot behind me no good just 50 m from a dwelling.
No problem, if we are asked, he said, no discussion is good, the exhaust smoke and taking me back home, I said.
I turned and listened, and watched the huge breasts and started again with a Pavlovian reflex .-
Beautiful breasts, if you sleep with me all night to catch, laughed, and grabbed his thigh delayed my hands all over her panties, where the hell is hot like you can with what he felt.
What are you doing? question.Her legs and stuck my hand in the sweet pain!
-I want to kiss you-here? "Do not worry, no one sees us," I said.
And we all started from the beginning I expected, I gently kissed my breasts, I felt hardness, palms down and slipped the pussy I started caressing her, really enjoyed.
Reached into the stockings and panties falling and there was a nice touch, familiar sex-organ Stephen, do not stupid someone sees you, yourself, Leave me no one here to see if anyone noticed the front is coming, we said, a little bit relaxed.
Let me leave it that she is waiting for the two finger I was intrigued, began to start on and took my dick is so hard as I have had the dog's feet froze, was very happy with him, stroking his trousers over my breasts, you want to? , And took out a huge pink nipples nice there in the shed, took the heat eye gently played with her breast and then wildly, while my hands caressed the clitoris-gosh-what are you doing to me I would soon capture and enjoy Did she come as big as I thought I was biting my language wheeze swallow-length, the car is clean inside humidity was already here, just to see who is directly next to it.
Back in the chest with his dick out through the slits in the trousers, we will be with you?
If you jerk off, thank you, I said, listen, of course, do not be afraid.
Dick already played the head of my tummy, and I could only swallow once, and began to suck, sucked wildly at a fast pace but well, I was afraid if all the spilled trousers enjoy and fail at home.
Did not have to fear, and breast-feeding to his mouth, and one last big relish suction in your mouth, do not trust anything to chance, so I put the dick dry like towels meg. Been deleted once I met this woman, organized a full day but completely in the nude was disappointing, a huge beautiful boobs hanging resigned, the sheet's bottom was shapeless, and the best belly fat . There had also done it with great difficulty and we made love twice in her life gone forever.

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